West Country League 2018

West Country League

The 2018 competition season was brought to a close over the weekend of the 24th and 25th November with the final matches of the West Country League. Saturday saw the youngest competitors compete in the A league (for gymnasts aged 11 years and under). With teams in both Division 2 and 4, 12 girls represented Liberty Gymnastics Club. The division 2 team finished 2nd in close fought match which saw them their match placing them in Silver position with 19 points for the year. The division 4 team placed 6th, placing them in 5th place for the year.

Sunday saw the B (team with an average age of 13 or under) &C (Open age) league teams show off their skills. With a total of 4 teams across both division 2 and 4, it was a busy day. Division 2 B league finished the final match in Bronze position seeing them finish in Bronze Overall for the Year, with C league finishing in 1st place seeing them take the Division 2 C League title for 2018. Division 4 B league finished their final match in 6th place with a 4th place result overall with C league placing 2nd seeing them place 2nd overall for the Year.

Well Done Girls.

Division 4 A League
Division 2 A League
Division 4 B League
Division 2 B league
Division 4 C League
Division 2 C League

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