6th Annual Club Championships

Sunday 16th September 2018 saw Liberty host our 6th Annual Championships, giving all of their gymnasts, aged 4 and over, the opportunity to compete and show off the skills they develop in their classes and training sessions. This year however there was a surprise VIP attendee who’s identity had been kept secret by the coaching team.

As children arrived they were greeted by the European and Commonwealth medallist and throughout the day treated to displays of his floor skills, enjoyed him helping them through warm ups and routines, to finally be presented with their medals. All before them spending time to admiring his own medals and have a photo as a lasting momento of the day.

It’s safe to say everyone, including Dominick, had a wonderful day. Seeing his medals and skills definitely inspired both the children and staff alike.

Dominick’s visit marked an exciting and inspirational start to the second half of the year’s competition season, seeing success in the following two weeks with medals at the South West Quatro Cup in Barnstaple and Sophie Hobbs Simpson and Ellie-Mae Kondratowicz achieving the Qualifications scores required to compete at the National Challenge cup on the 9th – 11th November in Guilford.

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